Enclosed workspace for conducting small science investigationsFeatures

The Materials Science Glovebox (MSG) provides an enclosed workspace for conducting small science investigations that require hands-on crew access but use samples that could be hazardous, irritating, or messy if materials were allowed to float freely in the module. Built-in gloves allow the crew to manipulate samples without coming into direct contact with them. The facility can be also used without gloves for working with non-hazardous materials. MSG offers numerous resources to investigators: 

  • Sealed, clean work environment 
  • Two levels of containment
  • Laboratory work bench resources for smaller experiments


Sealed, clean work environment 
Sealed work volume, suitable for hazardous materials, accessible to crew via glove ports.
Clean room equivalent environment (rating of 100,000 particles per cubic foot of air)
Air lock for transferring objects safely into the work volume

Two levels of containment
Because the work area is physically isolated from the open laboratory module and held at a negative pressure, an investigation's requirements for zero-gravity containment of small parts, particulates, fluids, and gases are substantially reduced. 
Negative pressure in the work volume relative to cabin pressure
Selectable air circulation modes: normal, open, manual, sealed and donning (of gloves)

Laboratory work bench resources for smaller experiments
Lighted work volume of 255 liters (905 mm wide, 637 mm high, 500 mm deep at the floor)
Connectors for experiment interfaces: power, data, vacuum, venting and gaseous nitrogen
Dedicated video resources for live downlink or video recording
Digital photography
Sensors for monitoring experiment health and status
Cold plate, which removes up to 800 W of experiment heat load at 50 degrees C
MSG laptop computer (MLC)- Similar to Station IBM Thinkpad, the MLC provides server software to control multiple investigations. 
Additional on-orbit support equipment
Three stowage drawers